Flora Micro - reserve Rontonar

Rontonar Oils wants to live up to its name bu displaying on the labels some beatiful flowers fron the micro - reserve from where they belong.

Sierra del Rontonar is located in the port of Benifallim, it is a protected area because of its valuable flora.Below I present the flowers that decorate the three varieties of our oils.


Nona rentonarensis

It is a woody shrub of the legume family, it grows up to a height of 60 cm. It has got many trifoliate, gllandular -pubescent, deciduous leaves,keeping their petiole on the branches . Their flowers are pink , their size is about 10 mm and the fruits are small linear legumes up to 15 mm.

It was an unknown plant until the 90 sof the last century, when it was classified by the Sierra del Rontonar and unique from the Carrasqueta to the Aitana mountains , and also to another isolated population in Javea.Therefore it is an endemic species of the Alcoyan- Diánica mountains , throughout the planet it only grows in the l¨Alcoia , Comtat, Alacantí region and the Marinas in Alicante .

It grows in scrub on marshes, mainly between 700 and 1000 m altitude. M.B. Crespo & Serra.


Palomilla del Pedregal- Linaria depauperata.

It is a small annual plant with ascending stems up to 15-20 cm and linear leaves, sproutingoften four from the same point of the stem, except those of the inflorescence , which are alternate . The flowers are whitish or slightly purplish up to 25 mm with a curve spur of about 10 mm,The seed´ssize ranges from 2 to 3 mm, they are surrounded by a smooth membranous disc , while the seed is tuberculated.

It is unique from Sierra de Castalla and it is located in the Alcoyan-Diánica mountains area, across them, from teh west in the Sierra del Maigmo. Found nowhere else in the world, they only grow in the Nord of the Alicante´s mountains and South of Valencia.

It grows in limestone´s rocks formed at the foot mountains especially above 700 - 800 m. Leresche ex Lange.


Abejera Amarilla- Ophrys lutea

This is an orchid up to 30 cm length, with 3 to 5 wide lanceolate basal leaves , up to 6 cm. Its flowers  size are about to 19 mm, it has got a yellow labellum in three lobe shape parts.Its central part id dark brown with a bluish , grey or brown macula.

It was classified in Port d Albaida ¨, between Valencia and Alicante , by the valencian botanist Antonio José Cavanilles at the end of the eighteenth century, it is unique throughout the Mediterranean , and they are frequently found in the North of Alicante and South of Valencia regions.

It grows on dry meadows or sub- humid areas, from sea level to more than 1400 m altitude. Cav.